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August 17, 2011 - Today's Questions & Answers from Blogger ED!

Mommy Blog Designs: August 17, 2011 - Today's Questions & Answers from Blogger ED!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 17, 2011 - Today's Questions & Answers from Blogger ED!

I’m so excited to be heading up an event that helps mommy bloggers with any issues they are having with Blogger.

This event is hosted by my very best BFF Lexie Lane from If you’re not a member yet of, I highly recommend it! It’s the most supportive, encouraging, and helpful online community for mommy bloggers out there!

As you can see from this post ... the moms on voiceBoks really do contribute ... and they really do help each other out! That’s what this post here is!

 Over the next 2 weeks, I’m going to be posting all the questions that I’m being asked each day on voiceBoks ... and I’ll be answering them all here. If you’re looking for Blogger Tips ... then you’ve come to the right place!

So ... let’s answer today’s questions ... (These are taken directly from the Blogger Ed group on ...

@Becky - HELP! Installed Intense Debate on my blog and it isn't working like I want it to and now it won't unstall...they say I have to do it manually and I can't figure out their any of you know html and xml? Please HELP!

MY ANSWER - Hi Becky! I’m not familiar with how to un-install Intense Debate ... so I can’t give you an honest, straight answer. But if you are still stuck, let me know and I can certainly help and look into it for you!

@Katie - Ok... I totally got and put in the cuter 'share' buttons... BUT I can't find the 'page elements' that you mentioned to get rid of the ones blogger has. I'll keep searching... but if you get on here... feel free to help direct me. THANKS SO MUCH!!!

MY ANSWER - Sure ... I can help with that!
  1. Log into you Blogger Dashboard 
  2. Click on DESIGN and then PAGE ELEMENTS 
  3. You will then see your page layout with your sidebars and all their widgets, and your see a big box that says BLOG POSTS. On the bottom right hand corner ... inside the BLOG POSTS Box’ll see a link that says EDIT. Click that. 
  4. In there you’ll see a bunch of options that you can either check or un-check. THis is how you configure what information appears along with each post. 
  5. To remove the blogger share buttons, make sure that you un-check SHOW SHARE BUTTONS. Then click save. 

@Shawna I have tried everything. I use Chrome and I deleted the Cache and my cookies and it still will not work. I'll try it in Firefox and see if that works. I have tried refreshing the page too! NOTHING WORKS! :(

MY ANSWER - did trying in Firefox help? Let me know if not ... perhaps even send me permission to author your blog and let me try it out from my end to see if it works.

@Mandi - New question! What I'm struggling with as I type this is labels for my post. I want to add "golf" as a label but I have previously added "Frisbee Golf" as a label and now Blogger just automatically fills it in. When I start typing golf it changes it to Frisbee Golf and I can't see that I can override it anywhere. Argh! Is there a work-around for this? Many thanks!!!

MY ANSWER - Yes ... I understand! Sometimes computers think they’re making our lives easier by filling information in for us ... but in actual fact they are driving us CRAZY!! Here’s my suggestion ... Let it fill in the full label that it wants to fill in ... but then go in and delete the ‘frisbee’ part. That should do the trick. Let me know if not and we’ll come up with another suggestion ....

@Tracy C - Hi Ms. Ro. It seems my page break button isn't working. I click it and the gray box appears in my "compose" tab, but when I publish, the page break is not there. Any thoughts?

MY ANSWER - First of all ... the jump break only shows on the home page with all your blog posts. That is the only screen that you can see the summary. You will not see the jump break summary if you are looking at the screen for the individual post. Does that help? Another thing ... Have you touched the coding for the jump break at all? That would be where I would check first. If not ... try setting it up again and be sure you refresh your screen.
So that addresses the questions that have come in so far for today. Thanks so much ladies for posting these! I hope that my answers are helping ... and if not ... please let me know and we can dig in a little deeper and figure this out for ya!

Do YOU have a question about your Blogger Blog? Sign up for and join the Blogger Ed group. You’ll be able to ask away in there! And read tons of other amazing info too! Plus you’ll be in the company of the most wonderfully amazing mommy bloggers there are!

I’m going to go work on tonight’s tutorial now. Tonight I am going to be talking about removing the Blogger bar at the top of the screen. It’s real simple to do ... and I’ll walk you through it.

So here are these answers for now ... and check back soon for the newest Blogger tutorial!
Luv you all!!
Ro :)



At August 17, 2011 at 11:36 PM , Blogger Kathy said...

Ro this is so great!!! This is exactly the kind of Q&A I was looking for when I first started joining networking sites!! You are amazing!!! Much love to you!!

At August 18, 2011 at 1:55 PM , Blogger Mommy LaDy Club said...

Ro, you are awesome...thank you so much!!

At August 18, 2011 at 3:33 PM , Blogger Mandi said...

Another vote for awesome Ro! :D

Thanks so much, that worked perfectly and it seems like a silly question now! I should have been able to figure that out myself. On a side note, it also worked when I went back in to edit the post, I could just type it in no problem, it didn't auto-fill.

Thanks again!


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