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August 18, 2011 - Today's Questions & Answers from Blogger ED on

Mommy Blog Designs: August 18, 2011 - Today's Questions & Answers from Blogger ED on

Thursday, August 18, 2011

August 18, 2011 - Today's Questions & Answers from Blogger ED on

Hey vB chicksies! Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments! I read every one of them ... and I’m so glad that I’m able to help you with your blogs!!

For those visiting my blog for the 1st time (and not from vB) ... the following are the daily questions asked of me in a group that I’m leading ... called Blogger ED on If you want to learn more about your Blogger blog ... or ask some HOW TO Blogger questions ... then come on over to! Looking forward to seeing ya there!

So here are today’s questions ...

@ Courtney - New question: I had to add the Alexa code to my title. Adding it to a comment or keyword, didn't work, or I wasn't at the right place on the coding. Now though, the title of my blog is the Alexa code, which shows up on a FB post, etc.

Can you guide me to the proper insertion area in my template? Whenever I'm in my template, I get nervous.

My ANSWER - Sure! You have to add the code just below your <head> section. Here’s how:
  • Log into your Blogger Dashboard. 
  • Click on DESIGN 
  • Click on EDIT HTML 
  • Now here’s the fun part ... let’s sort through all the mumbo jumbo HTML! 
  • About 6 lines down from the top, you should see <head> 
  • About 8 lines below that, you should see the <title> </title> tag. You with me? 
  • Put your Alexa code right below the line with the <title> </title> tag. 
  • Hit SAVE TEMPLATE and you’re good to go! 
Note -- I also really like putting Alexa widgets on my sidebars. I really like the Alexa REVIEW MY SITE widget. Using that will also put an Alexa code on your site.

@Bushra- Hi Ro, I can't tell you, how much thankful I am to you. I never found simple instructions like you have given us. awesome. I am gonna do that for my blog soon, I tried and it did work. Just couldn't find time to complete it which I will spare soon for me. Hey can you please teach me how to make a button for a blog. I can understand your simple language so fast. Can't say you thank enough. Please keep posting.

Also ... How can I have a pretty background on my blog like you have on side bar and banner how come I add that?. I do not like regular templates but have no choice. I apologize if this is too much to ask.

MY ANSWER - Thanks so much @Bushra for the questions! In this particular series, I don’t think I’m going to talk about how to design backgrounds, headers, and buttons. I think that is what you are asking here. If you already have the images, I can definitely teach you how to load them in. Perhaps that will be our tutorial for tonight! Great idea! I’ll write that one as soon as I’m done with these questions.

But ... if it is more of a HOW TO design question ... I don’t think I’m going to be answering that in this series. Perhaps a future series. I’m doing my best to stay on topic, and this series is about Blogger.

However ... I would be more than happy to design an awesome header and background for ya! Have a look around on my site for more details on my design services. (And thank Lexie ... she’s trying to convince me to offer a discount to all vB members! I am definitely thinking about offering that!) Hope that helps!

@Pamela - I've got two ? I really like your addicted to voiceboxs button-is there a way I can get the code for it-I looked on the site-didn't see a button link....

Also can you explain how to have more then one page tab at the top of my blo--I've got Home and I'd like to add reviews/giveaways, Pam's Playhouse and a few others.......when it comes to blogginging I'm still a babe and when it comes to designing I'm a zygote LOL

MY ANSWER - Thanks Pamela! You’re so cute!! To answer your 1st question ... yes ... I like this button that I used! But understandably so, it’s not really for everyone! It’s a little more sexy ... but you know what ... I like it like that! Here’s the code if you want to use it ... <a href="" ><img src="" /></a>

And for your 2nd question ... you have a few options ... you can just set up new pages for all that. In your blogger dashboard, click on POSTING ... then click on NEW PAGE. You can go that route. This is great for say an ABOUT page.

OR ... follow along with my 1st tutorial and it will teach you how to set up your menu bar using categories and labels. This is a good idea for your giveaway section ... and your Pam’s Playhouse (Which I ADORE by the way!!) THis way you can just make a regular post ... and your menu ball will know to automatically show all giveaway posts if someone clicks giveaway. Have a look at my first tutorial here for the instructions on how to set that up.

@Nicole - I did exactly like you said to remove the Blogger nav bar, but it's still there! Can you help me out?

MY ASNWER - Hmmm ... K. ... next option ... we can head into the code and remove it right from your template. I’m going to walk you right through this ... but we are going to jump into your template code. Ready??!!

So ... Here’s what you do ...
  • Log into your Blogger Dashboard 
  • Click on DESIGN ... then EDIT HTML (at this point ... it’s a good idea to back up your template. It’s always recommended when you change anything in there. But ... if not no worries. We’re not removing anything ... we’re actually adding something. But I still do recommend backing it up.) 
  • Now let’s take a look at your HTML (or mumbo jumbo as I call it!) You’ll first see about a dozen lines of your head tags ... scroll down and you’ll see a whole bunch of variable definitions. Scroll through the whole list of variables. Keep scrolling until the very last variable definition. The line right after the last variable definition will say: 

/* Content
----------------------------------------------- */ 

Right in between the last variable definition and the content add the following code EXACTLY:

#navbar-iframe {

So just to confirm ... you are going to copy and paste the above code, and put it in right after the last variable definition and before Content.

Then go ahead and click UPDATE TEMPLATE ... refresh your blog ... and it should be gone.

I suggest that you still keep the lines of CSS that I gave you yesterday, as that will still help get rid of the extra space from when you removed the menu bar.

Let me know how it goes with that!

OK ... so that’s it for the questions from today. Again ... thanks for all of your amazing comments! I so enjoy reading them all!! Keep them coming!

I’m going to go write tonight’s tutorial, which is going to be about uploading your own background and header. Be back soon!

Ro :)

p.s. ... Got questions? Be sure to join (FREE!) and come on over to the Blogger ED Event. I’m there to answer all Blogger questions!

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At August 19, 2011 at 6:18 PM , Blogger Mommy LaDy Club said...

Thank you Ro! it!:)

At August 21, 2011 at 12:27 AM , Blogger Charm said...


Thanks for all of the answers...Love your blog. I was working on getting the Blogger Nav bar go away. I did follow your instructions that you gave. I had to insert the code under Edit HTML, but now I'm having a problem with the spacing. All of that extra space is still there. I entered the code under Add CSS but it's still not working.

Any suggestions?


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