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{August 23, 2011} Todays Questions and Answers from Blogger Ed on

Mommy Blog Designs: {August 23, 2011} Todays Questions and Answers from Blogger Ed on

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

{August 23, 2011} Todays Questions and Answers from Blogger Ed on

Hey Blogger Bloggy Mamas! Just a few questions came in today from our Blogger ED group on So let’s get right to ‘em ...

@Amber - Hi Ro! Your blog tutorials are AMAZING and I just started giving my blog a make over. I Started with the Labels and menu bar, and that first day, I got it looking PERFECT and I loved it. I came back the next day, without changing a thing, and clicked on one of the menu topic buttons on top, and it said there were no posts under that topic, even though I had labeled multiple posts with the specific label. It would give me this error for 3 different label links. So I went through the html code and found that blogger had changed some of the links to have Capitalized letters and was including the " at the end of the code in the label it was searching for. So I re-created the code, Added it back in, and it then messed up the entire blog. The menu was bunched to the left, the Blog Posts and widget bars were completely off screen to the right, so I looked into the code again, and Blogger had ADDED in a few </a


in random locations, including in the middle of other links, these added codes were NOT in the original created code that I simply copy/pasted into Bloggers html gadget. Why does Blogger change things after I've fixed them and Saved them? IE like changing my links to Capitalized letters, or adding random html where it's not suppose to be. Any Ideas? Thank you SO much for your help!

MY ANSWER - lol! Yup ... sometimes Blogger can have a mind of its own!! My suggestion is to use a plain text editor like notepad or text edit. When you use Word or Pages, those programs actually insert extra code ... that you sometimes can’t see. So when you copy and paste from those programs, it can get a little screwy. Be sure to use a plain text editor when writing your code ... and then the copying and pasting should work a little better for ya! Hope that helps!

@Amber - I have ONE more question, I don't think you've covered it, but I'm having problems with the placement of pictures within my Blog posts. I want to be able to place my photos RIGHT NEXT to each other, aka one picture here 2nd here

picture here
Picture Here.

Does my illustration make sense? But no matter what I try, I cannot get blogger to let me put the photos directly next to each other, so I'm left will blank spots in my posts, and it also makes the post scroll on forever.

Thank you for ANY suggestions you can give.

MY ANSWER - thanks again for the question Amber! Actually ... I’ve kind of covered the answer to this ... but you probably didn’t realize. And I know that you’ve already figured out how to use this handy trick ... but again ... you probably didn’t realize because I gave it to you in a completely different lesson.

The HTML Table tag is extremely useful!! I use it EVERYWHERE!! Remember we talked about the table tag when we made our menu bars. Well ... you can use it here too to help you set up your pictures next to each other in your posts.

I think I’ll write up a whole tutorial just on using tables ... and go into a little more detail on them. Honestly ... I would not be able to do what I do without the table tag. Yup ... I love it! And once you figure out how easy it is to use ... you can get your blog to do whatever you want it to do!

I’ll go write that and post in a bit ...

And that’s it for the questions for today! Ask some more questions, and I’ll be back tomorrow night with my answers for ya’ll!

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At August 24, 2011 at 2:43 PM , Blogger Amber Edwards said...

Oh Ro! Thank you SO much! It makes SO much more sense now! And yes! I was using WORD for the text editing..I now know to use notepad. Thank you SO much for solving that issue!


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