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{August 26, 2011} Today's Questions and Answers from Blogger ED on

Mommy Blog Designs: {August 26, 2011} Today's Questions and Answers from Blogger ED on

Friday, August 26, 2011

{August 26, 2011} Today's Questions and Answers from Blogger ED on

Thanks ladies!  I saw a few questions and comments come in today ... so let's get right to it ...

@Michelle - Okay!! I decided to get rid of Disqus on my blog and exported my comments from Disqus to an XML file (which I now think I shouldn't have done!) Luckily, I've only had disqus for about two months. Am I going to lose all of my comments from the last 2 months? Or is there a way to load them back into Blogger from the XML file? Also, is there a way to make replies to people with the "normal" blogger comments, so that you can tell it's a reply? That was the reason I switched to Disqus in the first place. But, Disqus killed my comments!

MY ANSWER - Sorry Michelle ... but that is not my area of expertise. I have not used Disqus, or imported any comments. BUT ... I did a quick Google search for ya, and found this answer. Hopefully this will do the trick for you ..

To address your comment about replying to people’s comments within the Blogger comments ... here’s my opinion on that ... and note that I have spent the past week and a half really thinking a lot about this. Many of you have asked me questions about commenting on Blogger. I hope that all of you are reading this answer here ... because this is the conclusion that I’ve come to ...

It’s absolutely wonderful having people coming to your site and commenting. It shows such love! And sometimes you want to answer back ... but within Blogger, there is no way to reply to the comments. So some people go and find a 3rd party commenting system to help you reply.

But I have come to the conclusion that that’s not the best way to handle things.

I think it’s best to reply back to those who come and comment on your site by going and commenting on their site. That’s really what we all want, isn’t it?? So if you want to reply to someone, hop on over to their site, read a few of their posts, and send them some comment love back. And in your comment you can thank them for visiting your site, and respond to their comment.

I don’t think it’s necessary for Bloggers to use 3rd party commenting systems. Go and reply back on their site. It will mean so much more to them that way anyways!

Hope that helps answer all of the many questions that I’ve received about Blogger commenting.

@Amber - Ro, I'm still rather new to blogging, so some terms are confusing to me, when Experienced blogger start giving me suggestions...

Can you help me understand some of it?   What is a Back link and why is it important?

I have Google Analytics on my blog, and in one of it's "reports" it talks about Bounce rate, what is this? and Do I want a High number or low?

I have seen people talking about these websites that rate your blog, and I visit them and my blog won't even rate, is that because it is a instead of a regular .com ? Or does a code need to be installed like with Google Analytics?

Thank you SO much, your tutorials have been SO helpful! The ONLY thing so far that has not worked right away, is the lining up of photos with the table tag..I'm reviewing my html to see where I might have gone wrong.

MY ANSWERS - Thanks so much for all of your questions over the last week! I’m so glad that I’m able to help you out!! So here are my answers for you today ...

With regards to backlinks ... basically ... a backlink is a link back to your site from within the content of ANOTHER site. For example ... All of these questions are coming from our Blogger ED group on There! I just gave our BFF Lexie over at voiceBoks a backlink! I linked to her site within the content of my site.  Backlinks are hugely important for SEO purposes. Google looks at how many backlinks sites have when they are ranking sites. Google loves sites with lots of  backlinks!

A bounce rate basically tells you the percentage of visitors that come and only view 1 page of your site. It is used to measure the quality of visitors. You want people to come on in and hang out on your blog ... click around and see what’s going on. With a high bounce rate ... it means people are not clicking around. Whereas a low bounce rate shows that people are hanging out in your site.

About rating your site ... There are a few different rating systems out there ... and it should’ matter if you’re using your own URL or the bloodspot one. (However ... my preference would to definitely switch to your own domain at some point). But I did a quick check for your site, and your Alexa rank is around 7,000,000. Yes ... that’s high ... but it is ranked. And you’re hanging out in vB, so that will come down quickly if you participate in all the Alexa events going on. Your Google PR is still at 0 ... but with time ... and consistent blogging ... that will go up. So to answer your question ... no ... you do not need to instal a code to get your sites ranked. Just consistenly blog, and participate in as many vB events as you can. You’ll be rocking in no time!

And your last question ... about lining up the photos ... have another look at your HTML and make sure there are no extra spaces. Even a single space can mess up a whole line. So check for those. If you need, I’d be happy to have a look at your code for ya!

Thanks @Amber for all your questions! And I see you’ve signed up for my Free Friday Blog Design Giveaway!! Good luck to you! I’ll be announcing the winner on Monday morning!

And now here’s just a few more comments from today...

@Courtney - Thanks Ro for the answers! Unfortunately, I was misguided by a technical person at my hosting company to do forwarding and forwarding with masking. Now I've lost months, and still don't have my site back. Hopefully, this last techy person did it right, but I am starting from scratch with all of my Alexa progress...ouch!!

MY COMMENT - Well Courtney ... at least now you have it all sorted out and you can move forward from here. Participate in all the vB events, and blog consistently. Your Alexa and google scores will be awesome real soon!!

@Julie - I figured it out. I needed to adjust the alignment of the links since I added a link.

MY COMMENT - so glad you got it all figured out!

And that’s it for the questions, answers, and comments for today! There’s just a few days left in Blogger ED from! So if you’ve still got some questions, be sure to get them in before Monday. And stay tuned ... Lexie is going to be announcing a live Chat event for sometime on Monday. I’m looking forward to chatting with you all then and answering all of your questions live!

Not yet on I highly recommend you join! It’s FREE ... but be forewarned ... it’s a wonderful online community ... and REALLY Addictive!!!

I’m off now to write a tutorial for tonight. I’m going to teach you how to make a new post ... but have it just appear in your category pages, and NOT on the home page. It’s a very handy trick ... and really simple to do!

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At August 27, 2011 at 2:57 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

RE: comments - that's a great idea, but my main concern is, what if the commenter asks me a question concerning the post or says something specific to the post that I would like to comment on? I, personally, would feel awkward answering a question about/commenting on my cats on the commenter's post about her kids' first day of school. But with Blogger's system, not all commenters have their e-mail available to Blogger and it's a bit hard to know if the person will get my response.

Anyway, that's just my 2 cents on the topic. Even though I'm fairly tech-savy, I have enjoyed reading your Blogger Ed posts.

At August 27, 2011 at 4:55 PM , Blogger Amber Edwards said...

Oh Ro! You are just completely AmAZING! :) Thank you so much!

Quick question for clarification..backlinks..
If I am writing a post and I link to another post of my that also a backlink, or is it only links to my blog from OTHER people's blogs?

Thank you SO much, you have really helped me with bloggger!

At September 13, 2011 at 9:48 PM , Blogger Isabella said...

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