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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Completed Project -

Thanks Janice!  I had a wonderful time working with you and the adorable painted hand prints on your blog ...!  We sure had a lot of fun working together!  We got to spell words the way we want to spell them ... like coloUr!  Australlia and Canada spell most words the same ... it's the silly Americans that don't like the U!  lol!

I had a great time working on  This was a brand new blog ... so we had to set it up from scratch.  Janice choose to the 'Make it Pretty ... and Neat' package, so she got a complete sign design ... inlcuding the look and the organization.  We set up her menu bar and organized all her info into posts and pages, with all her new content automatically going to the correct category links.  We put in a lot of organizational structuring, so her blog, which is going to be full of amazing content, will stay very organized.

Thanks Janice!  Spring will be there in Aussie soon enough!  All the best ... and Happy Blogging!

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At August 6, 2011 at 10:50 PM , Blogger just B you said...

Looks great! You're awesome!!!
I can't believe I missed out on the giveaway you just had...Maybe next time.


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