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Are you ready! It's LAUNCH TIME!!! Introducing!

Mommy Blog Designs: Are you ready! It's LAUNCH TIME!!! Introducing!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Are you ready! It's LAUNCH TIME!!! Introducing!

As many of you know, I've been working super hard over the last month with Lexie from creating a brand new information resource website for moms.

We've done a great job keeping this new site TOP SECRET (except for the one smarty pants who figured it out ... Rosann!! lol!!)

And we're now ready to let a few mommies in to take a peek!

Want to see why I'm so excited right now??  We're launching our new website TODAY!!  Right NOW!!

Here's the link ...

Please note ... we've been working super hard the last month developing the structure and framework.  As this new site is very different than a traditional blog, Lexie and I both had to learn a lot to build this site.  We're thrilled with how it's coming together.

However... we're now just launching phase 1.  When you enter the site, you'll see many pages still do not have content.  We'd love for you to contribute where you can.  This is a WIKI ... just like  But unlike Wikipedia, WikiMommy is geared towards moms.  It's a site by moms, for moms.  And we want all moms to feel encouraged and comfortable contributing.

So why are you still reading this post?  Hop on over and check out the new site!  And please, feel free to contribute and post some articles.

Also ... if you run into any problems, ie ... typos, links not working correctly, or any other issues ... please be sure to let us know.  Please email us at

Thank you so much for your continued support over the last month while I was super busy and not so reachable!!  Lexie and I hope that you enjoy our new site as much as we've enjoyed building it for you!!



At October 18, 2011 at 9:20 PM , Blogger Jenelle said...

The site is looking great! Very excited to continue to continue to look through the things that have been added. This a wonderful resource for moms! Great Job!!!


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