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To Switch or not to Switch?

Mommy Blog Designs: To Switch or not to Switch?

Monday, October 3, 2011

To Switch or not to Switch?

That is the question!  To switch or not to switch?

I decided recently that I was going to be changing my blog from Blogger over to WordPress.  I've designed now quite a few blogs for clients on WordPress, and I gotta tell ya ... it's lots of fun over there!!  There's so much more that you can do.

However ... Blogger launched some interesting new functions recently ... and these new functions MAY have me sticking around for a little while longer.  (But there are still some major issues with them ... so I'm not sold on them just yet!!)

I'm spending some time today switching my blog over to the new Blogger Dynamic Views.  I'm going to put my faith in Blogger (I know!  Scary!) and give these new features a try.

You'll notice (once I complete making this change) that a few things will be different on my blog.
1.  I won't have any sidebars anymore!!  This is a BIG problem right here.  BUT ... I'm going to see if I can find a way to get around it.  I'm going to play around with different options to still have all the contact and follow information that used to live in the sidebar.

A major pro to having these sidebars gone is that my site should load way faster.  So ... if I can figure out a different solution to still provide you with the info, than maybe I'll go with it.  But that's still a big MAYBE!

2.  My header is gone.  Again ... this is an issue with the new dynamic view ... but supposedly Blogger is working on it.  Hopefully, before too long, we'll be able to add all the extra customizing options, and my pretty header will be back.  (At least we can still customize our background, so that's still here)

3.  This is the FUN point ... have a looksie at how all my posts are organized!!  This is the magazine view.  Doesn't it look snazzy??  Now ... look up at the top left on my menu bar and you'll see there's a drop down menu.  Click on all of the options in there.  Have fun!  That is the FUN part of the new Blogger Dynamic views.  YOU ... the reader ... are in full control of how you want to view my blog right now!  Pretty cool, huh??!!  Go ahead and click to change the view of my blog.

So ... to sum up ... I think I'm going to stick around with Blogger, at least for a few days longer, to play around with the Dynamic Views.  I'm going to figure out a different solution to get the info from the sidebars still on my site.  And I'm going to play around a bit and see how I can customize this to make it more 'me'!

Once I get all this sorted out, then I'll make my final decision on whether to stick it out with Blogger, or make the switch over to WordPress.


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